Leaf Collection

About Laramie's Annual Leaf Pickup Program

The City of Laramie Asks Residents Not to Rake or Blow Leaves into the Street


*Fall Sweeping 

During the fall, Laramie’s street sweepers run as much as weather permits. Staff focuses on heavily-treed sections of town first with other less-treed areas cleared soon after. Fall sweeping of streets prevents winter drainage problems. Frozen leaves, which can block gutters causing ice buildup or clogged drains, ultimately result in flooded streets and intersections. Although leaves are natural, decomposing leaves on streets and sidewalks can wash into storm drains and eventually end up in the Laramie River and other nearby bodies of water. The less debris on the street, the better drainage will be during a storm.

Street sweepers cannot pick up large pieces or piles. To ensure a clean street:

  • Avoid piling leaves or other debris in the street or gutter.
  • Do not rake, sweep, blow leaves, or other debris including rock or other landscape material into the street or gutter. To do so may result in a fine (LMC 8.32.050).
  • Pick up litter in front of your home or business.
  • Do not leave garbage, recycling or green waste containers on the street as it forces the sweepers into the street and away from the curb line.
  • If possible, avoid parking vehicles, boats or trailers on the street.
  • Prune trees and shrubs so that they do not block the street sweepers from reaching the curb line.

There are three street sweepers in the division.  Hours of operation are 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday, as needed and weather permitting.leaves and storm sewer

*Bag and disposal of yard waste 

Please collect, bag and dispose of your leaves and grass clippings properly. It is against City ordinance to sweep leaves, grass or other debris into the street (LMC 8.32.050). Properly disposing of your yard waste protects our lakes, rivers and streams, and helps City crews to sweep all streets on time. Sweeping up excessive debris raked onto the street slows down the process significantly.

*Residents and Property Owners

Any leaves that fall naturally into the street are the responsibility of the City and will be picked up during the regular street sweeping process. Leaves that fall into yards are the property owner’s responsibility. Green waste can be bagged and discarded with other household waste in your trash cart or taken to the Laramie Landfill free of charge (https://www.cityoflaramie.org/273/Green-Waste). Residents may also contact McBride’s Yard Waste to contract for private pickup at (307) 399-2028 or www.mcbridesyardwaste.com.