General Overview

The Solid Waste Division operates the City-owned landfill located approximately 1.5 miles north of the City limits at 162 Roger Canyon Rd. The landfill serves the City of Laramie, rural Albany County and surrounding areas. City collection crews, private companies, the University of Wyoming, and the general public use this facility to dispose of all solid waste generated in this area.

Recycling Center

There is a recycling center located at the landfill front entrance.  This area is paved for your convenience.  There is a drop off area for glass, metal, tires, batteries, refrigerators and single stream recycling (cardboard, paper, plastics #1 & #2 in the shape of a bottle jar or jug, metal cans, etc.).  A compost facility for drop off of green waste is also located on the landfill premises.


Monday through Saturday 8 am-4:30 pm. Closed Sundays and some Holidays.


City Ordinance requires loads to be covered and/or secured. A $10 per ton fee is charged to loads that do not meet this requirement.

Please help keep the roadways clean and clear, Cover your load!