Alcohol Enforcement Program

Curbing Alcohol Abuse

There is no question that alcohol abuse and the resulting aberrant behavior is an issue that deserves law enforcement attention in Laramie, as well as most other communities. Since Laramie is home to several educational institutions, a large portion of the Laramie community is youthful. Underage and excessive alcohol consumption results not only in time lost at school, poor health, and personal embarrassment, but criminal activity as well.

Partner Organizations, Resources & Programs

The Laramie Police Department works in close partnership with a number of other resources and agencies and has instituted a number of programs to curb this problem, to the best of our abilities. They include:

  • Active drinking and driving offenses enforcement - Grant funding assistance
  • Active membership on the University A (Alcohol Issues) Team
  • Alcohol regulation (Laws) enforcement through retailer compliance inspections – Grant funding assistance
  • Cops-in-Shops alcohol compliance regulation (law) inspections – Grant funding assistance
  • Dedicated Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Liaison to a number of state level committees and alcohol issue study groups

Alcohol Point System Ordinance