Patrol Division


Tracie Perkins/Townsquare Media

Responsibilities & Services

The Patrol Division is the most visible of the Laramie Police Department, and falls under the command of Operations. 38 of the 47 sworn personnel are assigned to this Division, with the addition of 2 civilian Community Service Officers.

The Patrol Division handles approximately 28,000 calls per year, or approximately 77 per day. When Officers aren’t handling calls for service, they are available to address community problems, perform traffic enforcement, investigate suspicious activity, walk a foot beat, and engage in other crime prevention activity. In addition to these activities, the Patrol Division is also responsible for

  • Court transports
  • Directed patrol activity
  • Drug and alcohol detection activities
  • Special enforcement details
  • Special events coordination
  • Warrant service

Unit Organization

The Patrol Division is made up of three shifts; days, covers, and midnights. The three shifts combine to provide coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each shift has two Sergeants and eight or nine Patrol Officers. Cover shift overlaps with both the day and midnight shifts on the busier call load days to provide the best coverage and service to the citizens of Laramie.

In addition to patrol shifts, the Patrol Division has 2 Community Service Officers & 3 School Resource Officers.

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