Environmental Health

Division Responsibilities

The Environmental Health Division provides support to the Board of Health and licenses, permits, and inspects:

  • Pools and spas
  • Restaurants
  • Tattoo and body art establishments
  • Temporary food vendors

Licensing Regulations

  • Food services- A Food Service License is required to operate a food and/or drink establishment. This includes catering operations, temporary facilities, and mobile food units. The license fee is $200 for a new establishment and $100 for the annual renewal. A temporary food license fee is $50; Applications are available at 405 E Grand Ave. Prior to opening an existing establishment, a preoperational inspection is required. Prior to construction, submittal of plans and equipment specification sheets for remodeling and new construction are required.
  • Pools and spas - Whether you operate a general use (public) pool or a limited use (hotel / motel / fitness center) pool or spa, a license is required. Pools and spas may be inspected twice annually. Prior to construction or installation of a new pool or spa, plans must be submitted to the Code Administration Division. A preoperational inspection is required prior to operating the pool or spa. A license application can be obtained at this time. Only commercial spas will be licensed. Domestic spas may not be used in a commercial facility.
  • Tattoos and body piercing- Tattooing and body piercing is also regulated by the City of Laramie. Prior to operating a tattoo or body piercing establishment or practicing as a tattoo or body piercing artist, you must apply for a license. 

Please contact the environmental health specialist at (307) 721-5283 for more information.

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