Residential Parking Districts

City of Laramie Permitted Parking Districts

In 1994, City Council adopted Ordinance 1142 which allows residents near the University of Wyoming campus to form permitted parking districts. Parking is limited to those residing in the districts only, and to those having obtained appropriate permits (see Ordinance 10.46.070).

Designated areas are in three "sectors." These sectors are:

  • Sector 1 - west of the university campus, Gibbon to Kearney between 5th and 9th Streets
  • Sector 2 - south of the university campus, Grand to Kearney between 9th and 20th Streets
  • Sector 3 - north of the university campus, Gibbon to Lewis between 9th and 15th Streets

Permits which are issued for any sector are not valid for or transferrable to ANY other sector. They are, however, good for any "District" within each of the three sectors.


"City Permit Parking" signs are posted at each end of, and include, each specific Parking District. The fine for parking in a designated area without a proper permit is $50.

District Formation Resources

Completed forms must be submitted in person to Customer Service Support staff in the Office of Utility Billing for review and initiation. Telephone 307-721-5225 with inquiries regarding sectors, district formation, implementation, or materials below.

Temporary Service Permits

Applications for Temporary Service permits must be submitted in person to the Office of the City Manager for review and issuance. Service provider must comply with Municipal Ordinance 10.46.070(subsection F 3., 4., or 5.). The exemption granted in these items shall terminate immediately upon completion of the services or assistance.

Renewal Form and submit via email to Manager's Office

incomplete applications will not be processed

Obtaining a Parking Permit

Parking permits will be issued to qualified applicants, and can be obtained from the Utility Billing Office located at City Hall, 406 Ivinson. Please call 307-721-5222 for additional information. The link below details documentation required to purchase a permit.