Grants & Partner Funding

Program Overview

In 2019 voters approved to renew the 5th Cent Sales Tax, and since then the City of Laramie has awarded over $930,000 in contracts to local agencies through its Community Partners program. The purpose of the Community Partners program is to invest in agencies that provide vital services or activities to help make Laramie a great place to live, work, and play

Organizations eligible to receive Community Partner funding typically fall within the following categories:  Civic Organizations/Quasi-Governmental, Recreational/Arts and Culture, and Social Service Agencies. 

  • Civic Organizations/Quasi-Governmental are agencies that work collaboratively with the City of Laramie and/or Albany County government on shared community goals, concerns, and interests. Such agencies include the Laramie Plains Civic Center and the Laramie Regional Airport.
  • Recreational/Arts and Culture organizations, such as the Laramie Plains Museum and the newly-formed Laramie Public Arts Coalition, exist to promote, sustain, and develop recreational, cultural, and leisure activities within the community. Some recreational and cultural partners, such as Freedom Has a Birthday and KOCA Radio, sponsor educational and community events that are designed to encourage diverse cultural experiences and promote a powerful sense of community.
  • Social Service Agencies, such as Interfaith Good Samaritan, Laramie Soup Kitchen, and CLIMB Wyoming, support or engage activities designed to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families within the community. The services of these agencies primarily focus on basic human needs, such as access to programs and services designed to maintain human dignity, health, and the overall welfare of our citizens.

Meet Our Community Partners! 


Civic/Quasi-Governmental Agencies

Laramie Plains Civic Center

Public Library

Public Library Foundation

Laramie Regional Airport

Recreational/Cultural Agencies

Laramie Bike Net

Freedom has a Birthday

Laramie Plains Museum

Railroad Depot

Laramie Public Art Coalition

Lincoln Community Center

Social Service Agencies


Big Brothers/Big Sisters

CLIMB Wyoming

Eppson Center for Seniors

Dev. Preschool & Daycare

Downtown Clinic

Hospice of Laramie

Interfaith Good Samaritan

Laramie Reproductive Health

Laramie Soup Kitchen

Laramie Youth Crisis Center

Red Cross

SAFE Project

Ark Regional Services

Home on the Range Animal Haven