Gym Activities

Gym Use during Covid19

All open gym use for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, or other activities is available through individual reservations by calling (307) 721-5269 Option 7.  Beginning on Friday, October 2nd, a total of 20 users can be in each gymnasium at a time for open use and users must comply with face-covering requirements that are in effect at the time and comply with social distancing to the greatest extent possible and limit person to person contact.  Uses are currently scheduled to accommodate multiple groups and programs in our limited gym space.

Gym Amenities and Activities

Our gymnasium has two courts and can accommodate many activities including basketball, volleyball, pickleball and it can also be rented as a large multi-use space for group activities. The gym is scheduled to host a variety of regularly scheduled activities.

Renting the Gym

The gym can also be rented out by the hour for use of the Bounce House, for birthday parties or other activities. Please view the facility rental information.

Birthday parties during Covid19 do not allow for the use of the Bounce House, however, we are offering a discount on the purchase of multiple day passes so that you can bring multiple people for party purposes. The maximum numbers in the gym for private rentals are up to 20 individuals (including spectators) and the organizer is required to manage any Covid19 policy requirements.

To confirm daily gym availability or inquire about rental options, please call (307) 721-5269, option 7.