No Spray Program

About the Program

The City of Laramie offers the No Spray program to our citizens who wish to have Residential  Mosquito fogging suspended along their property lines. Inclusion in the NO SPRAY program does not exempt payment of mosquito control fees.  Fogging for control of adult mosquitoes within the City limits is a very small part of our integrated management program. Mosquito control fees also support programs for mosquito habitat abatement, larval mosquito surveillance and control, adult mosquito surveillance, as well as programs to control adult mosquitoes before they migrate into the City.  

Fogging in residential areas, park areas, golf courses and the Laramie River Greenbelt will normally be conducted between 8pm and 4am. A second shift of fogging between 4am and 7am is possible if the risk of West Nile Virus infections is rated as high or outbreak (Risk level 2 or 3). The no-spray program will remain in effect while control treatments are being made for nuisance mosquitoes and for Risk Level 1(Low risk) applications.  If it is determined that West Nile virus has reached a risk category 2 (High risk of WNV transmission to humans), the no-spray program may be suspended until the risk level is lowered. Risk level 2 is characterized by sustained transmission activity in mosquitoes or birds or a human or horse infection. The NO SPRAY program will be suspended during level 3 (Outbreak in Progress). Information on the City of Laramie West Nile Virus Plan can be found below.

More information about the program can be found and printed out in the 2023 No Spray program link below.

In order to update our records and keep a current listing of "no spray" properties, we require written permission from the current tenant or property owner to authorize inclusion for the 2023 season. Please fill out the participation agreement form found below and return it as soon as possible to ensure that your requirements are met. Properties will not be listed as "no spray" until the agreement is returned. Forms should be addressed and submitted to:
Laramie Mosquito Control
P.O. Box C
Laramie WY, 82073


Signed, scanned, and emailed to: 

The mosquito spraying schedule will be available daily on the Mosquito Control and Integrated Pest Management Hotline at (307) 721-5056. The hotline is updated daily at 4:00 PM, though the message will be updated within the hour if spraying applications are cancelled. The recorded message also identifies any chemical applications to be made by the Parks Division Integrated Pest Management crew for control of plant and insect pests on city-owned properties.

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