Opiate/Fentanyl Safety

Synthetic Opiate and Fentanyl Safety Information 

Wyoming Specific Data

WYOMING DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - The Wyoming Department of Health has created an opioid dashboard that has Wyoming-specific statistics on opiate overdoses, Fentanyl information, and opioid prevention and response initiatives. The opioid overdose statistics can be filtered by types of opioids ingested in overdose cases, rates of overdoes by county, and the rate of overdoses by age. The prevention and response tools have links to other websites as well so that you can find further information on how to help stop the Fentanyl crisis.

Click the additional links below to learn more about synthetic opiates, the Fentanyl crisis, and how you can help to curb opiate usage growth.

ARIZONA HIDTA - Visit the Arizona HIDTA Opioids and Prescription Drugs website. Here, you can learn about these dangerous drugs using community tools, videos, and PowerPoints.

ARIZONA SACLAZ - The Fentanyl Crisis is very real. The SACLAZ in Arizona has created some very helpful videos on how to help try and curb this crisis. These tools range from learning about the drug itself to addressing the stigma surrounding opiates. Furthermore, the SACLAZ website not only has tools aimed toward the Fentanyl Crisis, but also Psychostimulants, Marijuana, Alcohol, and Vaping.

CDC - Some people may not know what Fentanyl is or that it is very dangerous. The CDC explores the drug and death toll surrounding the drug. Visit the CDC's website to learn what you can do to help try and curb the increase in overdose deaths.

COPSSA - The Coalition to Prevent Suicide and Substance Abuse website aims to help people make healthier choices regarding substance abuse and suicide. From their website, you can access tools and information to help you learn about different substances and work to make better decisions regarding your lifestyle.

DEA FENTANYL AWARENESS - The DEA also has a webpage dedicated solely to Fentanyl Awareness. This webpage is very emotionally impactful and commemorates the lives lost to the harmful drug. 

DEA FENTANYL FACT SHEET - The Drug Enforcement Administration has general information about Fentanyl. This webpage is a good jumping-off point for anyone just beginning to understand what the drug is and how dangerous it can be. In addition to providing general information about Fentanyl, the DEA offers street names of the drug, how the drug is used, and photos of both real and fake Fentanyl pills.

DEA "ONE PILL CAN KILL" - The Drug Enforcement Administration has also begun a "One Pill Can Kill" Social Media Campaign. This campaign aims to educate the public on the dangers of counterfeit pills. There are also videos on the website addressing the differences between fake and real prescription opiates.

TEXAS HHS - Texas's Department of Health and Human Services offers some very good information on how to spot and prevent potential overdoses. The Texas HHS website also covers Naxolone; a medication that can reverse an opiate overdose and is available from pharmacies without a prescription. 

WASHINGTON/BALTIMORE HIDTA - The Washington/Baltimore HIDTA also provides some great resources on how to identify and prevent controlled substance use. From here you can access prevention and treatment initiatives. Though they may be tailored to the Washington/Baltimore area, there are still some very good takeaways that can be applied within our community.

WHITE HOUSE OPIOID PREVENTION - View this Youth Opioid Abuse Prevention Toolkit published by The White House to learn how to help reduce the misuse of opiates amount young people. This toolkit goes in-depth into the personal lives of young adults who have suffered from opioid misuse.

City Council Presentation

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, the Laramie Police Department provided the City Council with a presentation encompassing crime rates, overdose rates, and death rates related to opioids. The presentation covers the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA) and provides statistics on opiate-related crime over the last several years. The presentation also breaks down local statistics within Albany County and Laramie City limits. The Presentation can be found here.

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