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Do you want to join the Laramie Police Department? Here is what you need to know:

1. Physical Assessment Test:

The Cooper standards are used for scoring and can be viewed at
(Lateral Officers can remote test with no minimum standards)
The following exercises will be performed during testing, and all must be 30% or higher for recruit officers:
- 1-minute push-ups.
- 1-minute sit-ups.
- 13-minute run.

2. Written Test:

The Police Officer Selection Test (POST) consists of mathematics, reading comprehension, spelling/grammar, and report writing.

The POST test must be passed with 70% to move forward in the testing process.
(POST not required for lateral officers).

3. Oral Board:

The oral board is an interview panel of 5-6 individuals.
(All applicants who pass the three initial stages are place on the Civil Service list and remain on the eligibility list for one year.)

4. Background Process

Applicants on the Civil Service list must pass a:
- Comprehensive Background Check
- Integrity Interview

5. Conditional Offer

The candidates that pass the Background Stage can be given a Conditional Offer for hire from the Chief of Police.
That individual must then pass the following:
- A Polygraph Examination
- A Psychological Evaluation
- A Medical Evaluation/ Stress Test/ Drug Screening

For more information, contact Training Sergeant Asa Hutchinson 

Phone: (307)-721-3513


To Apply:

For Law Enforcement Academy information, visit: