2023 Ordinances

EO #Enrolled Ordinance Title
EO.1819Amending Laramie Municipal Code 9.12.130 – Disorderly Conduct – Generally to Prohibit Intoxicated Individuals from Entering Private Homes or Places without the Knowledge or Consent of the Owner or Occupant
EO.1820Vacating Approximately a 4.31 Acre Pedestrian Easement within Timberline Business Park, Lots 1 through 7
EO.1821Amending LMC 2.56 Related to Purchasing
EO.1822Adding to Laramie Municipal Code Section 2.54 Creating the Ranch Advisory Commission
EO.1823Amending Title 15 of Laramie Municipal Code for the Purposes of amending the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Review Procedure 

Date Modified: May 17, 2023