Monolith Ranch


The Monolith Ranch is an 11,000 acre tract of land that was purchased by the City of Laramie in 1981. In purchasing the ranch, the city gained access to the valuable Dowlin Water rights. In combination with the city-owned Bath Ranch, this makes up 94 percent of water rights along the Dowlin Ditch. The 1868 Dowlin Ditch water right is the number one priority long the Laramie River system. The Monolith ranch is currently being leased to Baer Livestock, which utilizes the land for their commercial cattle operation.

Ranch Activities

Monolith Ranch Update 12/14/2022

Ranch Operations 2022

Monolith Ranch Update 1/13/2022

  • Active Projects:
    • Goforth Reservoir Restoration Project
    • Tri-State Substation Proposal
    • Hunter Management Area
    • Future Grant Opportunities for Land/Facility Improvements

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Ranch Lease:

The City of Laramie is currently assessing the Monolith Ranch Lease and will update this page with any new information as it becomes available.

Ranch Leases

Ranch Advisory Committee

Ranch Advisory Commission


The Monolith Ranch Advisory Committee consists of seven (7) voting members: six (6) appointed members who serve three (3) year staggering terms, and one (1) City Council member. Appropriate staff members serve as liaisons to the Committee as necessary.

  • Marius Favret
    Term expires: October 31, 2024 (1 Year)  
  • Jayne Pearce
    Council Liason
  • Amy Nagler  
    Term expires: October 31, 2025 (2 years)
  • Ashley Lang
    Term expires: October 31, 2026 (3 years)
  • Stephen Williams
    Term expires: October 31, 2026 (3 years)