Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (CAPP)


The Casper Aquifer is a valuable resource both to the City of Laramie and to the residents of Albany County who rely on the aquifer for clean drinking water. Currently, the Casper Aquifer provides 60% of drinking water to the City of Laramie and 100% to homeowners who reside within the recharge area. The City of Laramie and Albany County are invested in protecting the aquifer. The original Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (CAPP) was released in 2008; a new version of the CAPP is in the process of being created in order to update management methods for the Casper Aquifer. View the resources below to learn more about the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan. 

Updated CAPP (2022-2023)

The Casper Aquifer Protection Plan is currently in the process of being updated. Included in the updated plan are updated recommendations for monitoring and prevention of contamination. The consulting firm Stantec assisted in the study of the Casper Aquifer and in the creation of the updated plan.

Adopted Casper Aquifer Protection Plan


Stantec Public Presentation

Aquifer Protection Maps (2008)


Geologist-Approved Letters

Other Plan Elements

For more information on the CAPP:

CAPP Studies and Documents

City County Intergovernmental Steering Committee for Updates to the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan

Click here for more information on the steering committee.


  • Sharon Cumbie (City Council) 
  • Pat Gabriel (City Council)
  • Sue Ibarra (Albany County Commission) 
  • Erin O'Doherty (City Council)

Public Engagement

A public comment period was held from August 22, 2022 to October 8, 2022. The public comments can be viewed here. Additionally, three public input events were held between September and October of 2022.



City of Laramie: Jay Smith,; 307-721-5213