Laramie Area Growth Plan

Final Draft

Open House for the Laramie Growth Area Plan on February 23, 2023

According to public comment, County and City boards and commissions, and County and City staff recommendations a final draft of the Laramie Growth Area Plan is available for review. 

Laramie Growth Area Plan Draft [Updated April 3, 2023]




Growth Plan


Albany County and the City of Laramie are working to develop the Laramie Area Growth Plan--a Joint Growth Area Plan which will include the development of joint or cooperative regulations for the County and the City in order to help define responsible growth in the rural-urban interface. The growth area management regulations will be developed using sound planning principals and meet and/or exceed standards outlined in Wyoming State Statute.

Click here for an overview of the project.

Click here for a presentation given to City Council on May 4, 2022 regarding the Laramie Area Growth Plan. 

Additional updates and presentations can be found at the bottom of this page in the "Plan Updates" section


Get Involved

As shown on the project timeline at the bottom of the page, each phase in this planning process includes opportunities for public participation.

Phase 1: Project Foundation Completed 

During this foundational phase, we hosted stakeholder interviews and our first online questionnaire to ask the community what they saw as challenges and opportunities for the Laramie Area Growth plan and how they would like to be involved in the planning process. Review the Phase 1 Summary to see who we heard from and what we heard.

Phase 2: Joint Growth Area Options Completed

During this phase, we hosted multiple pop-up events at the Downtown Laramie and Albany County farmers’ markets and other summer events and had our second online questionnaire. The public was asked to review and offer feedback on alternative growth scenarios and land use categories, including considerations for community character, land use patterns, transportation, facilities, open space and parks, housing, economic development, and others.

We’re finalizing the Phase 2 Summary and we’ll post it on this website as soon as it becomes available.

Phase 3: Development Standards & Review Process Ongoing

This phase includes a second round of stakeholder interviews to community members in defining the appropriate regulatory environment— in terms of both regulations and development review processes—that will be supported by the community yet meet the intent of the Laramie Area growth Plan. Results from the stakeholder interviews will serve to develop the Open House materials, including questionnaire #3, for the public to review the draft code language and any relevant graphics and concepts.

The Open House is anticipated to take place on September 28th, from 5:30-7:30 pm, at the Rec Center Lobby. 

Phase 4: Joint Growth Area Intergovernmental Agreement – Details to Come

This fourth and last phase will report back on previous work and involve the public in reviewing the draft Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). The IGA will be a guiding document intended to solidify the policy direction developed under this planning effort and create a binding plan that describes how the City and County will share the responsibility of managing future growth.


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Growth Area Map

This map is intended to give an idea of the rural/urban interface surrounding the City of Laramie. 
  • The County and City are seeing an increase of growth pressure in the rural-urban interface. While growth is beneficial and is needed to continue to thrive, good growth policies and standards are needed to ensure logical and thoughtful development occurs. The City and County have a strong desire to ensure growth policies that will both promote and preserve the ability for future development and guide development in a manner that will ensure logical and thoughtful development for years to come.
Growth area map

Project Timeline

The timeline is quick on this project! Please see project milestones below.
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Plan Updates

Joint City Council and County Commission meeting

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Download the September 13th Presentation

Joint City of Laramie Planning Commission and Albany County Planning & Zoning Commission

220922_LAGP_Joint Planning Commission Meeting_Page_01Download the September 22nd Presentation

Project Contacts

Please reach out to us with any questions relating to the project!
  • Albany County:; 307-721-2568
  • City of Laramie:; 307-721-5232
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