Rental Housing Code

Rental Housing Code LMC 8.80

The Laramie City Council approved Enrolled Ordinance No. 1802 on January 4, 2022 requiring the registration of rental housing, setting minimum habitability standards, and establishing a process to file complaints. 

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Enrolled Ordinance No. 1802- Rental Housing Code
Enrolled Ordinance No. 1817- Amended Rental Housing Code 
Resolution 2022-10, Adopting Fees in Accordance with the Laramie Rental Housing Code, Enrolled Ordinance 1802
Resolution 2022-16, Rental Housing Implementation schedule
Resolution 2022-73, Amended Rental Implementation Schedule
Rental Housing Habitability Checklist 
Rental Housing Habitability Checklist Fillable PDF
Rental Housing Property Owner Attestation Form (For use is property manager/owner's agent is completing the online application.)
Rental Housing Fact Sheet

Rental Housing License (Available April 1, 2022)

Please complete the online application or paper application along with the processing fee of $20/year ($40 for two years) per dwelling unit. A Rental Housing Habitability Checklist may accompany the application. (Chrome is the suggested web browser for this software optimization.)

Check payments can be mailed in to the City Clerk's Office, PO Box C, Laramie, WY 82073 or delivered to the City Clerk's Office in person. 


Rental housing requirements will be phased in during calendar year 2022 as follows:  
June 30, 2022 - Residential Rental Registration Program begins (8.8.060)
January 1, 2023- Habitability Standards Enforcement (8.80.030)
January 1, 2023- Complaint Resolution Program (8.80.040)
January 1, 2025- Egress/ingress/emergency escapes in sleeping areas must be compliant

The City will provide education and support throughout the year. Call or email us if you have any questions at City Clerk's Office (307)721-5220 or Code Administration (307)721-5271.


"Dwelling Unit"- A building or portion of a building that is used as a home, residence or sleeping place by one or more persons, except for the listed exclusions set forth in the definition of Rental Housing, subdivisions (a) through (j) below. For purposes of this City Rental Housing Code, where portions of a residential building are occupied under separate rental agreements, with no shared eating, cooking, and/or sanitation facilities, each portion under a separate rental agreement shall be considered a dwelling unit.

"Essential Services" - Heat, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, gas, electricity, light fixtures, locks for exterior doors, latches and screens for opening windows and any cooking appliance or refrigerator supplied or required to be supplied by the landlord; and, any other service or habitability obligation imposed by the rental agreement or W.S. §1-21-1202, the lack or violation of which creates a threat to the tenant’s health, safety or property or makes the dwelling unit unfit for occupancy.

Filing a Complaint for Alleged Code Violation

To fill a complaint with the City of Laramie for alleged violations of minimum habitability standards please complete the following steps in accordance with Laramie Municipal Code 8.80.040: 
1. The complainant must be a party to the current rental agreement covering the property in question or an agent of the party, and must, before filing the complaint, have in writing notified the property owner or owner's agent of the subject of the complaint at least ten (10) days prior to filing the complaint. The complaint must include: 

  • Name of person filing the complaint and, if different, the name of the affected tenant. Complaints may not be submitted anonymously; 
  • Name of the owner and the owner's agent; 
  • Address of the dwelling unit with the alleged violation; 
  • A completed description of the alleged violation along with date(s) owner was notified by tenant of the alleged violation(s) and a complete copy of all renter and owner correspondence under W.S. 1-21-1203(b); and 
  • A copy of the written notice of the alleged code violation that has been sent by the tenant to the owner or the owner's agent. 

2. Complete an online complaint form or paper complaint form

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Registered Properties

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