Gem City Mountain Bike Races

Gem City Mountain Bike Series

The City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department is excited to pick up the torch from Laramie Racing to continue the tradition of Tuesday Night mountain bike racing in Laramie, WY. The City will be hosting a series of four races in 2022 on Tuesday nights at the Schoolyard/Pilot Hill trail system.


Tuesdays, June 21, July 12, July 26, & August 9, 2022

We will be offering the following categories:

  • Expert: Men (All ages) 

  • Expert: Women (All ages) 

  • Advanced: Men (All ages) 

  • Advanced: Women (All ages)

  • Intermediate: Men (All ages)

  • Intermediate: Women (All ages)

  • Beginner: Men (All ages)

  • Beginner: Women (All ages)

  • Youth Race (11-14 yrs. old)

  • Kids Race (6-10 yrs. old)

  • Adult Racers $30/Race; 15-18 yrs. $15/Race; 14 yrs. and under race free. Your age must be correct in your household account for fees to be calculated correctly. Racing age is your age as of Dec 31, 2022.

  • No day-of registration (except youth/kids races).

  • $20 discount for adults if you register for all four races on one receipt. 

  • Additional fee reductions available for volunteering/providing a volunteer. Email

  • Registration Closes on Sundays (2-days before each race).

  • Races will occur on the Schoolyard/Pilot Hill Trail System. 

  • Course maps will be posted here on the Monday before each race.

  • Food provided & podium winners announced after each race! 

Racing Rules:

Most standard mountain bike racing rules apply. Anything not covered here specifically will be decided on a case by case basis:

  • Be extraordinarily polite to other trail users. All of our races are on open courses. Expect to encounter other trail users. If you come across non-racers, you still need to follow the standard rules of the trail. Since you are on a bike, that means you yield to everyone else. We have a zero-tolerance policy for racers who are rude to any other trail users.

  • Do not warm-up on the race course during another race, please stay out of the way of racers.

  • If you are walking and others are riding, get out of the way.

  • Be nice and patient when asking to pass.

  • When you are asked to let someone by (particularly if they are in another category or on a different lap), do so at the earliest chance. That means you need to pull over and slow down long enough for them to go past, not wait for them to find a place to go around you. It's also a good idea to let them know when you are getting ready to move over and what side they should go around on.

  • When vying for position with someone in your category and on the same lap, the lead rider does not need to yield to the passing rider, however, they may not block someone either. Just be nice. Bike racing is really not all that important.

  • Tell the timers if you don't finish the race. We don’t want to spend the night looking for you while you’re safe at home.

  • Stay clear of the timing area. We will post the results as soon as we can.

  • It is your responsibility to know how many laps and what course you should be racing.

  • Headphones are not allowed. 

  • Racers may share parts and tools on the trail with other racers.

  • If you leave the course or take a wrong turn, you need to go back to that spot to start again. 

  • Do not litter.

  • You must wear a cycling helmet and read and sign our waiver.

  • Youth & Kids categories must wear a helmet and have an adult at the start/finish area.

  • All bikes must be 100% powered by the rider.

Course Marking:

Courses are marked with arrows and flagging. FOLLOW THE ARROWS!!!!! 

We also use cones or flagging to mark some intersections near the start/finish. Do not ride through a line of cones or duck flagging.


Trail Conditions:

We will pause, postpone, or cancel races if trail conditions warrant it. We work closely with land managers and trail maintenance crews to make decisions about racing on these trails. We ride on these trails too and have no intention of ruining them. If we do have to cancel a race, we will do our best to post it on websites, Facebook, and send emails 



Your safety on the race course is your responsibility. If weather conditions necessitate it, we will stop the race, however, you may be a long way from shelter when a storm rolls in. Please use your best judgment as to whether or not you should be out there. Check the weather forecast  HERE.



We can't monitor the entire course during a race, so please look out for each other. If someone is hurt on the course please do what you can to help them and let us know what happened and where. First-aid is available at the start/finish, and most of the time we have someone out on course.

2022 Start Times:

6:00 PMExpert Men & Expert Women17-22 miles
6:01 PMAdvanced Men15-20 miles
6:02 PMIntermediate Men8-14 miles
6:03 PMAdvanced Women15-20 miles
6:03 PMIntermediate Women8-14 miles
6:04 PMBeginner Men4.5-8 miles
6:04 PMBeginner Women4.5-8 miles
6:10 PMYouth Less than 5 miles
6:11 PMKidsLess than 2 miles

*Distances are an estimate and subject to change.


Final rankings will be based on a rider's three best results, with a 10 point bonus for competing in all four races.

Points scored in a given category stay in that category. In other words, if you score points in an Advanced race and then upgrade to Expert, your points don't transfer.

In the event of a tie for a podium spot, the following procedures, in this order, will be used to determine final placement:

1) Total score from all four races.

2) Some feat of strength and dexterity to be determined at the awards.


Please consider riding your bike to the start/finish. The Start/Finish will be at the end of Willett Drive this year. Parking will be available along Willett. 

COVID Policies

We continually work to be in compliance with the State & County Health Department’s Rules for gatherings.

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell.

2022 Race Course #4

Kids Loop

Youth Loop

Race Loop

Race+Extra Credit 

Race #4 Course Distances

Expert: Men    (Race+Extra Credit) + 2(Race Loop)22 miles
Expert: Women     (Race+Extra Credit) + 2(Race Loop)22 miles
Advanced: Men (Race+Extra Credit) + (Race Loop) 15 miles
Advanced: Women(Race+Extra Credit) + (Race Loop)15 miles
Intermediate: Men         (Race Loop)+(Race Loop)14 miles
Intermediate: Women(Race Loop)+(Race Loop)14 miles
Beginner: Men     Race Loop7 miles
Beginner: Women Race Loop7 miles
Youth (11-14 yrs)1x Youth Loop3 miles
Kids (6-10 yrs)1x Kids Loop1 mile


2022 Gem City Race Series

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Contact the recreation coordinator with any questions at 307-721-5261 or