2021 Ordinances

#Enrolled Ordinance 
EO.1785Adding Section 15.24.015 Licensing of General Contractors working within City Limits
EO.1786Amending Chapter 15.14.130 Wireless Communication Towers 
EO.1787Amending various sections of Title 15.08 regarding Downtown Commercial zoning district regulations
EO.1788Amending sections 15.24.000.A. and 15.24.030.A. 1. by adopting the 2020 edition of the National Electric Code, published by the Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as adopted by the State of Wyoming, July 1, 2020
EO.1789Award of $200,500 in Community Partner Funds Contingent on the Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Budget and on the Availability of Funds

Date Last Modified: April 12, 2021