2021 Ordinances

#Enrolled Ordinance 
EO.1785Adding Section 15.24.015 Licensing of General Contractors working within City Limits
EO.1786Amending Chapter 15.14.130 Wireless Communication Towers 
EO.1787Amending various sections of Title 15.08 regarding Downtown Commercial zoning district regulations
EO.1788Amending sections 15.24.000.A. and 15.24.030.A. 1. by adopting the 2020 edition of the National Electric Code, published by the Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as adopted by the State of Wyoming, July 1, 2020
EO.1789Amending various sections of Laramie Municipal Code 15.18.030.C & 15.18.070 regarding financial security options related to public improvements
EO.1790Amending Zoning City Block 212, Located at 710 Garfield Street as DC (Downtown Commercial) District 
EO.1791Amending LMC 5.09.615- Prohibited on Licensed Premises Underage Exceptions
EO.1792Amending, in part, Section 10.24.005 of the Municipal Code Related to the Definition of ‘Conviction.’
EO.1793Amending Laramie Municipal Code 5.08, 5.09, 12.60 Related to Alcoholic Beverages
EO.1794Cable TV Franchise with Clarity Telecom, LLC 
EO.1795Amending Title 15.14.040-3 Off Street Parking Standards
EO.1796Authorizing the Issuance by the City Of Laramie, Wyoming of General Obligation Bonds, Series 2021, in the Principal Amount of $4,135,000.
EO.1797Amending LMC Chapter 15.24 Adopting the 2021 International Code Series and Updating Language to Conform to International Code Series
EO.1798Amending Chapters 13.44.010 and 13.44.030 of the Laramie Municipal Code to Regulate Water Rates in the City of Laramie
EO.1799Amending Chapter 13.48 of the Laramie Municipal Code to Regulate Wastewater Rates in the City of Laramie

Date Last Modified: January 4 2022