2021 Resolutions

#Resolution Title
01Budget Amendments for FY 2020-21 - COVID-19 emergency expenditures
02Appointing the Mayor and President of the Council of the City of Laramie, Wyoming for the Years 2021-2022
03Appointing the Vice-Mayor and Vice-President of the Council of the Council of the City of Laramie, Wyoming, for the Years 2021-2022
04Appointing Council members for the City of Laramie, Wyoming to serve as a liaison or voting member to each board and commission for the City of Laramie, Wyoming
05Designating an official legal newspaper for the year 2021-2022
06Setting Council meeting dates, times, and location
07Modifying Resolution 2020-24 suspending City of Laramie, City Council Code of Conduct Rule 1 and Article 2, Chapter 2, Section 10 requiring all council members to attend council meetings and work sessions by telephone or web conferencing
08Authorizing the City of Laramie to Enact a Reimbursement Resolution to Pay for Equipment Expenditures and Seek Reimbursement from Proceeds
09Appointing one member to Board of Health
10Appointing three members to the Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board
11Appointing two City Council members Mayor Paul Weaver and Andi Summerville to the WAM 2021 Laramie Planning Committee
12Adopting goals for calendar year 2021
13Designating recreation project request priorities to the Albany County Recreation Board for funding consideration in Fiscal Year 2022
14Authorizing the Submission of a WWDC Level II Study Grant Application for the Dowlin Fish Passage
15Appointing one member to the Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board
16Extend the Reconstitution of the Ad Hoc Community Alcohol Consumption and Best Practices Review Committee
17Appointing one member to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disability
18BEstablishment of an Ad Hoc Working Group for Police and Community
19Opposing the Unconstitutional Delegation of Municipal Authority to the University of Wyoming by the 66th Session of the Wyoming Legislature Under Proposed House Bill Number 0198
20Appointing one member to the Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment/Board of Appeals/Solar Board of Review for the City of Laramie, Wyoming
21Appointing One Member to the Board of Health
22Host the 2022 Wyoming Association of Municipalities Annual Summer Convention
23Wyoming Department of Agriculture for a 2021 Emergency Insect Management Program Grant
24Accepting the Donation of Funds from Mr. Jerry Bucher to be used toward High Plains Curmudgeon Society projects or as designated
25Award of $200,500 in Community Partner Funds Contingent on the Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Budget and on the Availability of Funds

Last Modified: 4/12/2021