In 2019, the City of Laramie, along with state and local economic development and educational partners, non-profit organizations, and community stakeholders embarked on an effort to develop a comprehensive 10-year economic development plan known as Thrive Laramie. The planning process was guided by locally sourced, professionally vetted, and community driven solutions to build on Laramie’s assets and to overcome barriers to success. The planning process was facilitated by a national economic development consulting firm, 4th Economy, which looked holistically at Laramie’s economy, and Community Builders, a non-profit economic and community development organization, which looked specifically at Laramie’s housing market. The Thrive Laramie plan, adopted in early 2020,  includes improvements to Laramie’s housing market among its top recommendations.  To that end, the City of Laramie and Community Builders are continuing to collaborate through a multi-pronged approach transform Laramie’s housing market.

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Thrive Laramie Documents

Contact Derek Teini, (307) 721-5245  with any questions.

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