Bicycling in Laramie!

Final Plan!

Click on the image below to hear about our plans for the Laramie Bike Park.

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191106 Public Outreach 2 Concept Plans_Page_2 (2)
191106 Public Outreach 2 Concept Plans_Page_2 (1)

Laramie BikeNet, a local bicycle advocacy organization raised funding that was donated to the City in 2017 to help the community develop a conceptual bike park plan.  The City hosted a public meeting on October 2nd to gather feedback about the amenities and potential locations desired by our local bike enthusiasts and a follow up meeting on Wednesday, November 6th at 6:30pm in the Laramie Recreation Center. 

The presentation from this second meeting is posted below and we invite you to view the presentation and fill out a follow up questionnaire FORM with your input! Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, November 13th at 5pm. The final presentation which will include concepts, recommended locations, phasing and probable costs will be made on Tuesday, December 10th at the City Council work session.  We hope you will join us there!

Community Bicycling

Laramie has a variety of great bicycling opportunities.  Enjoy commuting, gravel trails, mountain-biking and cyclo-cross.  Check out the Downloadable bike map.  Compliments of our local bicycling community!