2019 Ordinances

2019 Enrolled Ordinances 

EO.1759Amending LMC 5.09.350.C. to correctly label catering permits, 12.60.050.H. to clarify application fees
EO.1760Amending LMC Chapter 10 Bicycles
EO.1761Amending LMC Chapter 12.52. Parks, Tree and Rec Changes
EO.1762Amending LMC Chapter 15.14 and 15.18 UDC Road Widths 
EO.1763Amending LMC Chapter 5.09. Alcoholic Beverages 
EO.1764Amending LMC Chapter 15. Shipping Containers
EO.1765Amending LMC Chapter 6 Dog Bites and Livestock
EO.1766Amending Gateway Overlay District
EO.1767Amending Zoning Map for Gateway Overlay District

Updated last: August 12, 2019