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The City of Laramie Utility Billing staff strives to work with customers to easily make changes to your account and understand your billing. Listed below are forms that may be of assistance to you.

  • ACH Bank Drafting Form- Complete this form if you would like your City of Laramie utility bill payment automatically drafted out of a checking or savings account. Along with the completed form, a voided check is required. Tenants are not able to sign up for ACH services.
  • ACH Change or Removal Form - Customers who are already enrolled to have their utility bills automatically paid from their checking or savings account can use this form to make changes to or remove their automatic payment processing.
  • Connection Request Application Form - A completed Connect Form is needed in order to sign up for City of Laramie Utilities. We do not require a deposit to start the account, but we do require the owner's signature in lieu of a deposit. Residential accounts must be in the name of the property owner (refer to the Notice for Rules Concerning Billing Record Owner). This rule does not apply to commercial customers where the primary use of the structure is not residential. The Record Owner is responsible for payment on the account if the tenant does not pay.
  • Third-Party Notification Form- A Third-Party Notification Form is needed to send a tenant or property manager a duplicate bill. The main account must be in the owner's name (refer to Notice for Rules Concerning Billing Record Owner); tenants or property managers may receive a duplicate bill in order to pay the bills. The City will regard the arrangement between owner and tenant as a third-party, civil arrangement in which the City is not involved. The Record Owner is responsible for payment on the account.
  • Low Income Affordable Water Rate Information and Application - The City Council passed ordinance 1868 to establish low income affordable municipal service rates. Applicants who qualify will be able to receive a $37.58 credit towards their municipal services bill each month. If you are interested in applying for this program, please read through the information provided to determine if you meet the qualifications. If you meet the qualifications, please complete the application and return it to Utility Billing staff for review.
  • Sewer Re-evaluation Form - Complete and submit this form if you would like City staff to review your sewer residential rate, as established by the winter quarter average for the billable location.

Useful Information

  • Buying or Selling? - A comprehensive overview of what you need to do with your City of Laramie Municipal Services account, as well as contact information for other utility companies which provide services to Laramie, Wyoming.