Upcoming Practice Locations:

May 7-May 14 - Laramie Middle School Track

May 16 - Laramie Athletic Field (old Deti) - last day is a field day / skills day

RunJumpThrow Training 

RJT gets kids excited about physical activity by introducing them to the basic skills of running, jumping and throwing - activities that compromise track and field events and that are foundational to nearly every sport. The final day of the program will be an opportunity to measure progress gained over the 5 weeks of practices. You can register in person at the Laramie Recreation Center or online.


Cost is $40, $5 discount if registered before February 15. Registration closes April 10.

Open to ages 7-12 years, practices are 4-5p Tuesdays and Thursdays from April 16th - May 16th

Practices will be at the Laramie Athletic Field (Old Deti). We may practice a few times indoors depending on the weather, call (307) 721-5290 for a message update after 2p the afternoon of practice.

Parents and volunteers are encouraged to help.

Program information during the season will be listed here, so check back often! For questions email Laura Tangeman or call at 721-5290.